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I'm a Maneater, headhunter, I'm prepared- Trina

I remember an old acquaintance asking me one time when did I become such a feminist? It makes me laugh because it always seemed to be labeled a bad thing by people who aren’t comfortable or are confused with outspoken women. I love women and I love supporting them, that's what drove me to begin ManEater in the first place. Watching strong women not put up with a man’s bad behavior, I found that through my experiences and theirs we could help each other laugh, grow, and heal.

People’s definitions vary. For me, it’s supporting ALL women and this can get wiped away by white women’s agenda as well as conservatives and extreme Christians. Forgetting black women and all women of color, immigrant women, sex workers, and trans. Those are just some of which get left out of the “feminism definition.”

I stepped away for quite some time part of that being my passion for ManEater had dwindled due to personal things. Sometimes it’s hard to write about your experiences and share them. To present yourself as a strong woman when you don’t feel like you are that yourself. I created the ManEater persona and to be honest I just didn’t feel like her anymore. It took me awhile to search through the mess that remained inside me. I can say I feel like I’m almost back to my unicorn self.

I sometimes felt ashamed by other women judging me for being sexual, or more open with my body than they are. Posting the things I post. A girl who just posts half naked pictures, what more could she possibly offer to the world? I felt ashamed sometimes by people who I had known for years who just never seemed to support me because it was outside of their norm. But they watch from afar, not supporting just watching. Group chats about you, comments like “There’s Sarah being Sarah.” When we haven’t had a real conversation, in years or ever. It bothered me for awhile. Like the art I had created was to not be supported by them just judged by them. The thing about me and many other women like me is when you meet the girl beneath the surface who wears “skimpy” clothing or flashes you for fun, you get someone who is deeply caring, ambitious, smart, introverted but outgoing, and so many more great things. And I can say those things about myself because I truly believe them. I have done enough self–love work at this point to know that if me being sexual or having sex is the worst thing I’m doing to you on this planet, then we really don’t have much of a problem and I think the problem lays within you.

While I loved the merchandise side of ManEater I realized that my design passions were not correlating with ManEater, as well as my beliefs in the fashion production process. I decided to start my slow fashion brand Who Is Centrella and that is where a lot of my focus has gone the past year. I have been sketching designs since I was in intermediate school so ManEater was never truly showing my design talent, just graphics that developed from personal experiences, etc. and a push for festival-esq vibes that I will not be revisiting. But the thing is ManEater is so much a part of me and the woman I am today, creating her merchandise in house is extremely important to me now because for the past year a major part of my research was to really dive into the depths of fashion and where clothes were being made, how they were being made, and how the garment workers (roughly around 80% being women were treated) I felt exhausted to see brands who don’t care or take the responsibility of paying their workers properly. But the brands CEOS and owners live a lavish life. That isn’t supporting women. That is benefitting off them.

I’m really excited to connect myself with ManEater and the old and new supporters. As well as the projects I’m developing. Stick around a while.


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