Skin care for oily/acne prone skin

July 7, 2018

I've never had perfect skin. 


While people tell me I am going to age well because of how oily my skin is it also is the main cause of my acne. My dad is Italian and I inherited his skin. On top of stress, entering womanhood I have fought with hormonal acne and I have made it my mission to get my skin on point by the end of this summer. 


Below you will see my step by step routine that I've really grown to love, see, and feel the differences with my skin. Outside of this routine I also have been getting PCA Chemical Peels from an amazing woman Nidah who runs Peel Connection in Beverly Hills. Last time I went in with no makeup and she was so happy with the progress of my skin. At the end of this summer I plan to get micro needling to help the texture and minimize my pore size. 


Step 1: 


Outside of makeup wipes. The start to my wash routine; taking off my makeup and getting rid of the days dirt. I use Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap. You can purchase it at whole foods. 

 Step 2:


Nadine, my peel master. Recommended me this product, it is a gentle wash for Oily skin and my skin feels so soft after washing with this. You can order it online for around $30. 

Step 3:


So this product you can find at most drugstores. I think it is great for hormonal or cystic acne. It has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide so it isn't a wash I use every day. It can dry your skin out so I think it works best every other day. But if you're experiencing a bad breakout I would use it every day. 




Step 4:


Tone, tone, tone. When you have acne you need a good toner for you skin. Not only are you fighting active breakouts, preventing future breakouts, you need to brighten your skin and dark marks. So you can find this product at most of your local grocery stores. People recommend diluting it with water so it isn't as strong but I don't. It can burn a bit, but when you're trying to get your skin right I honestly feel like a little burn is great. Apple cider can be a little stinky so I normally only tone in the evening unless I'm not planning to leave the house that day then I tone in the morning as well as keep my makeup off to let my pores breath. 


Step 5: 


My favorite face wash. It smells good and has tiny needs in it for exfoliation. I exfoliate every other day, unless after a chemical peel when I don't exfoliate at all and let the peel take its natural course. 


 Face masks:


So if you follow me on snapchat then you know I am a lover of face masks. This one is my all time favorite. I swear it freezes active pimples on your face. Sometimes it can sting and tingle and it definitely tightens up on your skin. But it is worth it. I know face masks say to leave on for 5, 10, 15 minutes. But I sometimes wear mine up to 30 minutes to an hour, I have even slept in my masks or used them as spot cream depending on what my skin is like. 




I just started using this mask recently and it is great. It looks scary, but seriously it is great. I don't feel like it drys your skin at all and I normally use it every other day. 
















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