The Inspiration behind Capsule 2

July 15, 2017

ManEater is a women’s fashion brand that launched its first collection; Capsule 1 in October 2016. With the launch of our newest collection (which name has yet to be released) we thought it was a good idea to give you guys an insight to what inspired us to create these pieces. Being born in the 90s and growing up in the early 2000s we grew up with a lot of great fashion that wasn't appreciated as much at the time. Now that we have seen these fashions resurface and trending it's really exciting to design and create things that we easily relate to because we saw it growing up. 

 ManEater is a strong supporter of women and what we saw a lot of in the 90's and early 2000's was girl bands and strong female figures that were not afraid to dress outside the lines or to their personality. They also weren't afraid to sing about friendships, love, loyalty, and girl power.  Our designers first CD was Spicegirls WANNABE just to clarify. Think Spice Girls meets Paris Hilton's fashion sense in the 90's and 2000's. Versace and the original supermodels meet ManEater. Sexy. In your face. Fun. Bold. Fashion. ManEater has believed in the power of women before girl power became the thing to promote. The idea stemmed in 2011-12 because we were tired of seeing girls on our old college campus get the short end of the stick by men. Whether it was fellow students or administrators. We want to see women come together, rise up, and conquer. And if you're doing that in ManEater it's even better. 




What do we love most about Paris Hilton? She's unapolegetically herself and fabulous. She dresses for herself and you saw that a lot in the 90's early 2000's. She was a huge trendsetter. Short denim skirts, lots of skin, a tiara? She did it best. 

 Fur lining? You'll be seeing a bunch of that in this capsule. 

And can we just comment about how much of a babe Lisa Kudrow is?

Girl bands. Thank you, just thank you.














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