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I haven’t seen Arica since we both attended Tomball High School and graduated in 2011. Since then she has done a lot of traveling and grown very in touch with nature and health. Which has led her to go teach along side one of our other fellow classmates Jade Owadi in Mexico at a school in San Miguel for single mothers who can’t afford proper schooling for their children.

What does ManEater mean to her?


“I think people automatically assume that its men vs. women. I think it’s any negative person that comes at you. You swallow it and move the fu*k on. You eat it and let it fuel you.

 What started off as wanting to get on stage and look good with a six-pack and a great butt turned into a mind and body connection for Arica. She realized she could help people feel good inside and out through the power of nutrition. “Small steps,” is her advice for people trying to break habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Aka, people like myself. Arica says that nutrition changed her mentally and cleared her mind and made her pursue her passions. "If you’re eating chemicals there is no way you have a truly clear mind." 


So obviously I had to ask about the butt.  Believe it or not Arica doesn’t think squats are the answer to a great ass because they don’t target the butt. Deadlifts, and any leg movement as well as plyos.


When it comes to love Arica believes that too many people settle before they grow and love themselves and it makes it difficult to really grow and love another person.

"Love is the most beautiful thing and no matter how many times you get burned you should keep going after it."



Best advice going into 2017?


“Burn bridges with the right people.” Arica says that is what changed her life. The people who you spend time with has a lot to do with your energy. Positive energy allows you to feel confident in yourself and comfortable in your own skin. 

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