"Locker Room Talk"

Ladies, we live in a time where it seems like every person is telling us how to feel about our bodies, our desires, and our opinions. There isn’t a day that I log on to some social media site or watch a news outlet that is not talking about Donald Trump’s latest “grab her by the pussy” locker room talk. With that topic; comes every person’s idea of how I should feel about this as a woman. You think you know how I feel? As a former collegiate athlete who was mostly friends with other athletes, I feel disgusted. I’m not disgusted because of how shocking his words are, I’m disgusted because it’s another man thinking because I’m a female, I deserve less respect, I deserve less of an opinion, I just deserve less. As awful as it sounds, HE IS NOT THE ONLY MAN TO TALK LIKE THIS. To sit here and act as though I have not heard worse would be a lie. The issue I have with it is that we are being told to chalk it up to “just locker room banter”. In no way, shape, or form is this okay. It is disgusting. It is hurtful. Any man that speaks about women like this needs to know that it is unacceptable. The words that I would hear about myself, my friends, or other women from a man’s locker room are so horrendorous and something needs to be done about it. At my former college, the football team had a list of 5-6 rules, one of them being to respect women. As much as I appreciated that, I found it odd that at age 20, men were needing to be told to respect women. How have you not been taught that already? How is this needing to be a rule? And most importantly, why is this rule not being enforced? Some of the men on this team would be talking to and hooking up with dozens of women at the same time, but were quick to call a woman a whore for sleeping with 2-3 men. The things I was told that was talked about in a locker room was about how wet a woman woman would get and if she is super drunk it’s easy to take advantage of her. I would hear crude things about myself, about my friends, about other women I watched these men play. I understand we’re all young and working on becoming adults in the beginning of college, but Donald Turmp’s mindset is not uncommon. I hate that I even have to write this because it really upsets me that we are not further past this. Where I have to sit here and ask why I can not have the same respect as a man. The worst part about it to me was after it came out. A ton of people tried to tell me it’s just locker room talk, it is not a big deal, why are you getting so upset, it’s so harmless, etc. Are you the woman being talked about? No but I and plenty of other women can relate, and if you aren’t a female you have no right to tell a woman how to feel about something like this. To see a man who is trying to become president, speak about you and all of the women you look up to in a degrading way, is absurd. I have heard horrible things about myself and other women my entire life from people who were going no where. And now I have to hear it from someone who might be the future president? Hell no.

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