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The Brand

The idea of ManEater was created on a balcony one afternoon in Mississippi when Sarah Temperilli, the creator of ManEater told one of her friends her dreams of starting a clothing line for women that went beyond clothes. It stood for something more. After witnessing men cheat on her friends and herself, use the double standard, slut-shame and assault girls on the college campus Sarah attended, she decided she wanted to create a brand that would allow women to feel independent and express themselves through what they wear along with having an outlet to topics that are important to women in today's society on the ManEater blog. "I want girls to put on ManEater and feel free to express themselves for who they really are. It's supposed to make you feel fun and sexy and most importantly untouchable to that certain fu*kboy. I believed in female empowerment before it became a huge movement and it is exciting to see other people getting on board and supporting women. I want to show girls that they can be whomever they want to be and they don't need a man to uplift them." This is the age of the independent woman. 

About Sarah

 Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Sarah was always interested in fashion; sketching designs since the fifth grade in a spiral notebook. She started to take it more seriously when her good friend gifted her with a real fashion design illustration book. Sarah played collegiate volleyball where the idea of connecting fashion with the empowerment of women came to Sarah due to the things herself and her friends were experiencing. After moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015 with five hundred dollars in her pocket. A year later Sarah launched ManEater Capsule 1 in October 2016 her Capsule "Material Girl" launched July 27,2017 and Capsule 3-ManEater Sport released March 20, 2018. Sarah believes in uplifting and building with females whether that be through creating or giving advice based on her past experiences. 

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